delivery orders are dispatched first thing every monday x


thanks to my mum verinia for teaching me to make candles, answering all my questions, phone calls and panics about stock arriving!
this new site would not be possible without pooja subramanian and aroha newby, and it definitely would not be this hot if it weren't for them doing all of the photography and creative direction on a hungover saturday during lockdown, which was both wild and fun, by the end of it we were all quite sore and very tired.
pooja also introduced me to photoshop skills, where i learned to spend an entire two days cutting out a candle and its shadow.
thanks also to hollie ryan and rose young for their tireless advice and listening to my ideas and always responding with enthusiasm.
and thanks to taylor barr for shopify direction, help, friendly bullying and a lot of edits to the page that are so detailed i can't even tell what you did, it is so appreciated.
thanks to all my sweet friends in general for supporting me, listening to me panic about whether people would continue to buy them (fyi this will keep happening no matter how many i sell!)
at this point it definitely sounds like i've won an award, but thanks so much to everyone that has ever purchased a sybs candle, shared and/or sent a sybs post, without you i wouldn't be able to still be doing this and loving creating new things for you.
lots of love from cam.