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pomegranate & sage

pomegranate & sage

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pomegranate & sage is the calm before the storm.

this scent is light, but it stands on the edge of something thrilling. it's the moments of stillness you take on the way to somewhere, those sweet pauses where time doesn't matter and you're free to do and be what you desire.

pomegranate & sage smells like those moments when the ground is still wet from the last rain, but it's clearly not over, the clouds above are dark and swirling and the electricity in the air suggests that something is about to break.

 it's taking your time with a hot, indulgent shower because you don't have anywhere to be for two hours, except for your room, by yourself.

pomegranate & sage is light, fresh, with earthy tones.


scent notes

top: pomegranate, cassis

mid: rhubarb, sage, açai berry

dry: cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss


sybs candles are made using pure soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oils and cosmetic-grade glass jars. the regular size uses a recycled wooden wick with booster strip, and the tiny is a cdn wick, which is cotton woven with paper.