how do i choose a candle?

on each scent page we've outlined the scent notes for my candles, and these should act as a guide for you or someone you love! it can be quite difficult to choose, so it's best to focus on the kind of scent you - or someone else - loves.

for example, cam loves slightly musky/smokey scents with a little bit of depth so the woods, pine forest, arcadia and pink peony are all favourites.

what if i don't like my candle?

woah rude! kidding. gift it on! we don't do returns due to disliking the scent, we're a small part time business and that is tooooo complicated.

what if i want to smell your candles in person?

you can catch us at various markets throughout tāmaki makaurau and hopefully further afield in the future.

flick me a message if you'd be interested in a private consultation - these are available at a flat rate for one hour and held at home in sandringham.

where do you get your supplies?

i get them from various new zealand based suppliers! always on the look out for new/better/more sustainable suppliers so if you know of one or are one, let me know!

how do i know when my candle is finished?

usually there will be about half a centimetre of wax left and you will no longer be able to light it.

if you've burned your wax correctly - see tips and tricks for how to do so - the amount of wax should decrease evenly and slowly as you melt and solidify the wax, so you'll be able to tell when it has finished.

sybs candles have an approximate burn time of forty hours, but we hope you're not sitting there timing it! that's our job.

what do i do with my candle now that its finished?

boil some water, pour it in the candle and allow it to mix with the left over wax. leave it to set, and then it should pop out, easy as!

the jars can be cleaned with a regular dishwashing liquid and then re-used for whatever purpose you desire.

alternatively you can return them to me and get $1 off your next purchase.