why sybs?

candle-making is in the family.
my mum has had candles around the house for as long as i can remember and she began making them years and years ago, giving them to people as gifts and bringing boxes of them to me when she came to visit.
i love that i learned this from her, and developed it into something that connects with other people, so they can enjoy them as much as i do.
i launched under branch supplies in late 2017 (branch being made up of the first letter of my siblings first names). i wanted to make candles for my friends that were hot and cheap (and at this point i was potentially maybe definitely losing money from them lol) they turned out to be more popular than i thought and eventually strangers were dm'ing me asking how to buy them.
queerness is important to me, so wanted to mix that with the original ethos of family and friends, so taking the idea behind the original name, decided on sibs and chucked a 'y' in to reflect the importance of queer siblings and family as well as those of blood relation.
in 2019 i was out of work and decided to take it a bit more seriously, ordering new jars, new scents, new wax and started going to markets! queer af was a great place to get started and was the boost i needed for more people to know who sybs was.
over the last couple of years sybs' instagram following has grown organically thanks to shares from so many lovely customers and friends and i've been able to do more and more cool shit, eventually launching this next iteration of the website.
know that every sybs is made with love, care & attention and every candle bought means the fkn world to me!