candle care

sybs candles are made by hand with 100% soy wax, using recyclable jars and recycled wood booster wicks. i use fragrance oils because the throw is better and the scent is fuller.
the things you must promise to do when you receive your new candle - and which you must pass on to whomever you give your sybs supplies candle to - is the following:
1. light your candle on its side so the whole width of the wick is lit.
2. light it again when it goes out! it takes a few times before the flame burns the wick down to the right height.
3. let the candle burn until the wax melts right to the edge of the jar (2-3 hours) to prevent "tunnelling". candles have memories, and if you light your candle only long enough for it to burn half way to the edge of the jar, the wax will only ever melt to this point and you'll waste all that deliciously scented wax!
4. trim your wick! if your candle is letting off black smoke or the flame seems to big, blow it out and let it cool down before breaking off the end of the wick, which only needs to be about 3mm.
5. don't burn your candle for more than 4 hours! it needs a rest aye.
when you've finished with your sybs, pour boiling water into the jar, and try mix round the wax till it melts and sets and eventually you should be able to prise it out. give it another wash and you can use it for all sorts! alternatively return it to sybs for $1 off your next candle.