night bud

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night bud is a mysterious bloom.

this is not the peony your grandmother told you about. this scent is - in my opinion - the perfect bedside candle, an all-round divine addition to any situation, the sexier the better. 

this babe is intoxicating, a scent to get lost in either by yourself or with one or three others, it smells like skin on skin, whether that skin is yours and yours or yours and theirs and theirs (and theirs?), either way night bud brings a vibe to a magical night or morning that you never want to end.

night bud is smokey, floral and lightly sweet.


scent notes

top: pink sugar, red currant, pomegranate

mid: peach, peony, ambergris, tonka bean, pink geranium

dry: vanilla bean, musk, amber


sybs candles are made using pure soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oils and cosmetic-grade glass jars. the regular size uses a recycled wooden wick with booster strip, and the tiny is a cdn wick, which is cotton woven with paper.