toasted marshmallow

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look i’m a summer girl, i love being sweaty, hot n bothered but i gotta say i’m kinda into this chilly moment we’re having 🥵

it’s giving hoodie, undies & big socks and lazing abt eating cookies on the couch by yrself bcos maybe outside is a bit noisy & we’re rly not sure what’s gonna happen in the future so let’s js block it out for a sec & light some tasty toasted marshmallow tbh??

like it’s actually so delish & honestly i usually hate anything vaguely creamy or sweet but toasted marshmallow rly does smell like yr roasting marshmallows, it’s vaguely sweet but also smokey & a little spicy & fck me sideways it’s good

scent notes

top notes: orange zest, coconut milk

mid notes: milk notes, roasted marshmallow, cinnamon, allspice

dry notes: vanilla bean, musky notes, vetiver

sybs candles are made using pure soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oils and cosmetic-grade glass jars. the regular 250g uses a recycled wooden wick with booster strip.

sybs candles have an approximate burn time of 40 hours.