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do u struggle with commitment? finding it hard to choose which of the sybs core range to put a ring on?

subs by sybs is the perfect answer to your woes! a tasting platter for the choosy, a flight for the discerning noses who may not have had the chance to get a face full of smelly wax at markets.

i was selling at the market the other weekend, it was the end of a really busy day and my last customer, a young person, wanted to sample everything before choosing a box of subs. at this point i'd sold most of my displays so i opened up each box of subs so they were able to choose five for themselves. it was so great, i felt like a candy shop or something. SO the new and improved version of subs means u get to pick n mix whichever of the scents you want and there's no minimum selection!

each sub is a 25ml tealight candle with a cdn wicks, which are a combination of cotton and recycled paper which makes the burn nice and clean. each sub burns for approximately 3 hours.

you can choose from dark orchidthe woods, arcadia, night bud, oakmoss & amber, salted peach, clary sage, honeysuckle and while stocks last, green musk and x.

what’re you waiting for, the subs are ready for you.